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While we are good with smoke signals, there are simple ways below to get in touch with us! We’d love to hear from you. Your e-mail and messages aren’t going into the inbox abyss. Old-fashioned phone calls work too!

Phone/ Text


Live Chat



(213) 800-0806


Hours: We have late evening and weekend appointments to accommodate for work hours. Please note that we do not take walk-ins. All patients MUST have an appointment to see our doctor.

Out-of-town patients: To minimize travel costs, an online consultation can be arranged via a secure online video or phone conference with the physician.

Office Locations: We understand that traffic can be a hassle in Southern California. We don't want transportation to be a limitation for access and so we have partnered with offices throughout the region so you can see our physician at the location closest to you. Contact us to find out the availability of the office closest to you.

Address where services are rendered:

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